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Sneak Peek: Newborn

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Well I’m back on my feet and can’t wait to share more of this newborn session I did last week! More coming very soon! Right now we’re off to take the little ones to see Where the Wild Things Are!


Mari, Jim, and Cedar: Family/Maternity

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I’m so happy to have been able to meet up with Mari, Jim and Cedar before I take a small break to have our baby. I am also very excited, because this was the first session in a set of three that we will be doing. Since Mari is expecting baby no. 2 in October, she has selected my “Three in One” package where we’ll do a family/maternity session, a newborn/hospital session, and a family session when the newest addition is about 3 months old.

For this session we met out early in the morning in Santa Monica. It’s so peaceful around there when there’s not swarms of people out and about! Cedar was actually more then just a great subject, she was also a very helpuful photo assistant. She picked out places for us to take photos and even got her parents to smile for a few of just the two of them. I had a great time playing with Cedar and we even whipped up a batch of tasty-make-believe strawberry pancakes!

Mari, Jim, and Cedar: Congrats on baby no.2 and I look forward to hearing how the transition goes (we’ll be right along side you!). I’m also excited to meet the little one soon and see Cedar in her big sister role!

Meet Jim, Cedar, and Mari!



I love this sculpture! How fitting that it’s called “Gestation” by Baile Oakes. I was so enthralled I had a to look into it further and found this info on the piece.


There’s something super calming about a 2.5 year old’s quiet moments.








Grace & Oscar: Just Because

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Grace & Oscar have known each other since their freshman year at UCLA. To say they are the cutest non-couple ever is an understatement. I’ve known them both for the past few years and have always associated Oscar with Grace and Grace with Oscar. They were such good sports to accompany my husband and I on a sunrise shoot in Santa Monica. I love how they make each other laugh and look so in love… because truly their affection reflects the depth of their friendship. Next time I’ll bring Aya along for a family photo. I can’t remember who pointed it out first, but I definitely agree that if Grace and Oscar were to have kids, they’d look something like Aya!