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Photo Booth Fun!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

I love love love the succulent wall that the San Clemente Ecology Center had set up. It was perfect since it was right near where the open bar was set up for Laurel and Marcus’ wedding. We ended up using it at our backdrop for the mini photo booth. Brent manned the photo booth while I concentrated on stalking the newlyweds around.

Brent and I  even got a chance to jump in and a new found photographer friend Darren was kind enough to take our photo! Honestly, while we have a ridiculous number of photos of our girls, we have few us, so a big thank you to Darren for capturing this rare moment!

Photo booths are really popular at weddings and now I totally get it. It’s a great way for there to be fun photos of a large number of the guests. I highly recommend it!

Laurel & Marcus: [San Clemente Ecology Center Wedding]

Friday, October 8th, 2010

6718 Sabado Tarde. This was the place that eventually led to me photographing this wedding. My junior year in college I paired up with a girl a sort of knew to move in with a bunch a girls we did not know at all. One of these crazy girls was Laurel. Besides being crazy, she’s also one of the most fun, genuine, and down-to-earth girls I know. When Laurel asked if I could photograph her and Marcus’ wedding, there was no question in my mind that it would be an awesome event. When she said it was going to be the first wedding held at the San Clemente Ecology Center, that was just icing on the surfboard wedding topper cake. What a great venue for such an amazing couple with so many fun loving family members and friends. We have proof of how fun they all are because we did a mini photo booth at the reception! I’ll share some of those in my next post!

A couple side rave notes if you’re looking to plan a wedding in Southern California…

If you’re looking for someone who specializes in Green Event Planning, check out Chrissy Gray at GRN Events.

If you’re into super delicious food, check out Hapa J’s. Not only do they have an AMAZING restaurant in San Clemente, they also cater. I usually think fusion places can be hit or miss. They describe themselves as “A fusion of Hawaiian, Asian, and American cuisine”, and as an Asian American who lived in Hawaii for a summer, I think this place is all hit. My only regret is that I live 62.8 miles away from this place. I’m craving their man style fries (with Kalua pork) right about… now.

Laurel & Marcus,

Thank you for asking us to be a part of your wedding day! I think your attempt at throwing a big party was a complete success! I am in awe of how beautifully you crafted your wedding day to reflect your personalities. I think this was such a great representation of the two of you. Rainbows on your feet, the San Clemente Ecology Center as a reception venue, a succulents wall, and surfboards on your cake… you two are, in a word, awesome. We love you!