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Lily: UCLA Grad Session

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

As I drove to UCLA I was a bit nervous. Were those clouds dark enough to produce rain? Should I call Lily and reschedule? What if it starts to rain mid-session? I decided to press on and am SO glad I did! It was actually nice to shoot when it was little overcast that harsh summer sun was diffused and we were able to go where we wanted. I never thought I’d have an affinity toward another UC campus since I did my undergrad at UC Santa Barbara, but I’m starting to realize that UCLA has wiggled its way into my affection. It’s a beautiful campus and we took advantage of the Italian Romanesque Revival style of Royce & Powell (I wish I was well versed in architecture but I totally looked that up) and made our way down Bruinwalk.

The sky may have been a bit overcast, but Lily’s laugh and smile completely light up an environment! I had such a great time getting to know Lily and I wish her the best as she pursues her future endeavors!








Sunset: Quality Time in the Sand

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The other day we managed to catch the sunset off Pico. Aya has gotten so big. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since we brought home a screaming baby, who, for the life of us, we could not understand. The first night she was home she screamed. and screamed. and then screamed some more. Ironically, it was the most sleep I had gotten in four days since I had spent a extra time in the hospital for complications. After a blood transfusion I was finally able to go home where obachan, jichan and Brent swapped off trying to rock her to sleep all night and I only had to wake to feed her. 

The next morning we went to the pediatrician, perplexed by what to do with this little screaming baby. The pediatrician looked at her. weighed her. picked her up and said. oh. she’s hungry. Apparently all the blood loss I experienced was not allowing Aya to get enough to eat. The pediatrician very carefully suggested we supplement with some formula if we were okay with that. I say very carefully because parents have very strong feelings about breast feeding and formula and since this was the firs time we had met our pediatrician, I’m sure she didn’t want to offend anyone. It was a non issue for us and I was not threatened by the idea of providing our child with something to take the edge off. Aya proceeded to chug a few ounces of formula in an astonishing couple gulps. She was weighed again and had already gained a few ounces. 

I thought of this while looking at her today and being amazed at how much has changed. We couldn’t understand her then and now she’s at a stage where she is making herself very clear. “mama said no to Aya”, ” I don’t like that”, “mas agua pleeeese”, “no”, “no.”, “no!”, “NO!!!!!!”, “I wanna go see animals..giraffes, elephants”, “gorilla is eating paper. gorilla is mad”. (that last one was from our trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo last weekend where the gorilla was really eating paper and did look pretty annoyed).

Some photos from our sunset.