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Izumi [Newborn Session]

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

I realized I should write this post when I went to see my niece the other day and she was all ready a full blown baby and not an infant anymore! When Izumi was born we did a newborn session. My brother indulged me by allowing me to put her in a peach I made out of felt. If you know my brother this is the type of thing he would roll his eyes at and shake his head, but alas he couldn’t deny me this.

A little background on this. For a while when reading George Suyeoka’s Illustrated version of Momotaro to Aya I was unable to read the first few pages without crying. Momotaro is a Japanese folk tale that describes the yearning a couple has to have a child. While washing clothes in the river, a large peach miraculously floats down the river into the arms of the woman who excitedly takes it home to share with her husband. When her husband comes home from a  hard days work they sit down to enjoy the treat of this amazing peach. When the husband goes to cut into it, the great peach breaks apart and instead of a pit, a perfect baby boy is at the center. After years of waiting, their house is filled with the joy and laughter of a child. Momotaro grows up to be the hero of his village by creating a hodge podge team of animals and defeating the ogres who terrorize the village.

After all my brother and his wife have endured in the past few years, when Izumi came into the world, I was inspired to create a peach. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but after a trip to JoAnns, I came up with peach made out of felt pieces sewn into a pre-formed coco basket liner. After working on it for three days straight, I came up with what you see below. Luckily Izumi still fit in it! I adore this little Momozumi :)

A few photos from her newborn session…

These  were taken on a visit that same week…

Uncle Brent was very excited to have someone to football hold again.

And some recent ones of Izumi and her Obachan…