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On Ensemble + Sam Koji Hale: The Making Of. . . Yamasong

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

On Ensemble + Sam Koji Hale = Epic Music Video Beyond Your Wildest Imagination. I am constantly amazed at the creative nature of On Ensemble and the ways they collaborate with other amazing artists. When I first heard about this project from Shoji, I heard something about puppets, a music video and it being really cool, but really I had no idea how to formulate in my mind what to expect. Shoji and asked me about taking some photos of the process and I was happy to get involved since he IS my favorite brother and all.

Not knowing what to expect, Brent and I met Sam and Shoji at the Chiodo Bros. studio where Sam has been working on the puppets that will star in the Yamasong music video produced for Healther Henson’s “Handmade Puppet Dreams” film festival.  I wish I was a stronger writer so I could describe to you how amazing this project is. I am so excited to see On Ensemble’s music collaborate with Sam’s talent as a puppet maker, illustrator, animator, director, designer, storyteller, and all-around-nice-guy artist. Since I am not that writer, I’ll go ahead and just post the photos cause I’m pretty sure it will give you an idea of just how cool this is. I’m looking forward to taking more photos of this beautiful and inspiring process! Brent and Shoji also blogged about this day, so check their posts here and here.

On a separate note, I rented a Canon 17 – 35 mm F/2.8 L lens for fun and really liked it. A lot of these were taken with this lens.