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Father’s Day Special!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

I have so many family sessions to post, but have been swamped! That’s a a good thing right?! In the meantime I leave you with a Father’s Day Special. 25% off of session and a $25 print credit. Contact me if you’re interested!

Light[posts], camera, action! – Family session

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Like Monique, Sujin was kind enough to trade services for Brent’s birthday party. She mad the most amazing mini deserts and a rum cake that I can’t even find words to describe! More to come on that.

In return, I got to photograph Sujin’s beautiful family at LACMA a few weeks ago. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a session that went so quickly and yielded so many photos that I absolutely ADORE. This is because Sujin’s little girl, was the most cooperative little one I’ve ever met. Of course her husband also didn’t do so bad either!

Note to parents trying to dress your family for a photo session…
I thought this would be a good post to talk about dressing for family sessions. Other people might disagree, but I don’t think you can go wrong with what you wear for photos. To me photos should be a reflection of real life. Of who you are at that moment in time. Yes I had braces. Yes it was important to curl and get my bangs as tall as possible. Yes I thought a perm was a good idea at the time. Yes I loved to wear leggings and multiple pair of socks scrunched up. Yes my brother had a plethora of Gecko Hawaii shirts, shaved lines into his hair, and rocked the stone washed jeans. Yes my sister also thought a perm was a great idea (where do you think I got that in my head). Yes we were a ragtag looking bunch when we were little.

That being said, I also think it’s fun to coordinate outfits for family sessions. What I loved about this session was how their outfits coordinated but were not too matchy-matchy. The bright colors against the gray lamposts was awesome and I love that they dressed in orange, which to me is a fall color.

Jane & Jorge: Mt. Shasta Wedding

Friday, November 5th, 2010

I was so excited when Jane contacted me in the beginning of the year about photographing her October wedding in Mt. Shasta. I probably hadn’t seen Jane for some 10+ years. We went to school together and although we didn’t know each other well, I feel so fortunate to have gotten a chance to catch a glimpse of Jane and get to know more about her life now; her beautiful family, adoring fiancee-now-husband, and a community that, well… in fear of being redundant I’ll say “adoring” community of friends and family. That word keeps popping into my head because it seems most appropriate. From what I had gathered over the course of the day, everything was provided by friends and family. You could tell it was an outpouring of affection that came in the form of beautiful, freshly baked cheesecakes, tasty food, laughter and music.

Dear Jane & Jorge,

Thank you for asking me to a part of your day. I love how weddings can be so personal and a reflection of a couple and their families. I loved hearing how the two of you met and that Jane was reading a book…because I’m not sure that I remember seeing you without one when we were in school! This may be the library employee in me, but I love that you love books :) I’ve seen a lot of weddings and while I do believe that ‘love is patient, love is kind” I  thought it was refreshing and very original to hear Darwin’s notes on marriage recited during the ceremony.  You two have such wit and laughter in your relationship and I think that is a recipe for a ridiculously long, loving, and happy marriage!

My best to you and your future.



Jane and Jorge had a civil service at the County Clerk’s office and the next day had a 2nd  ceremony and reception at the Mt. Shasta Park. These first photos are from the civil service. I gasped a little when I  was going through their photos and saw how perfectly the lens flare made it’s way into the photo of Jane and Jorge’s hands…it’s as if good energy is just radiating from them!

And then the reception at the park! I think fall is a beautiful time of year to get married…

Beautifully crafted ginger blossom lei for the bride and tea leaf lei for the groom…