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Monique [Catering and Photography Trade]

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

I met Monique through Citymommy and we agreed on trading her catering services with my photography services. This summer I wanted to throw Brent a surprise party for his birthday. I started with wanting to get him a custom made cake (which I’ll share more about later) and ended up with not only a custom cake, but mini-deserts and catering!

Monique came on location to cook and provide us with great food.   She was so wonderful to work with! She helped me come up with a menu, which was really helpful since I was all over the place. I wanted to incorporate some of Brent’s favorite foods, so I had a random list of things. He loves jicama, and greek salads are always go as well as kabobs and tatziki. He likes gorgonzola, so we went with gorgonzola sliders. My first concern about working with people I had never met before and only knew online was the reliability and not knowing what expect. In the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

So if you’re in need of catering and want someone who is professional, reliable, and who’s food is great, contact Monique! 

We’re in the midst of working out another barter of sorts so stay tuned for that! In the mean time here are a few photos our our meal.  Here was our full menu since it was casual, I wanted to go with lots of finger foods:

Raw veggies w/ three dips
Shrimp Cocktail
Tomato, olive and feta salad
Black bean, corn and jicama salad
White bean salad
Brie and canberry in phyllo
Boursin stuffed mushrooms
Gorgonzola burger sliders with carmelized onions
Chicken kabobs with tatziki dipping suace
Baked Penne ala Carbonara