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Daddy & Me[s]

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

I thought when I left my 9-5 (or really 8-4:30) gig at the library I would have an immense amount of time to do photography, blog, etc. But alas, here I am into my 2nd month of this new schedule and I’m finally doing this post! ¬†Brent and I are working on a huge project that I will share more about later! I’m really excited for this next couple years as it is ‘go time’ for us…

I talked Brent and Aya and Amara into doing a little Daddy & Me session… which meant asking Brent nicely and buying some gummy snacks for Amara and Tic Tacs for Aya.

Apparently Brent is the funniest dad ever.