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Marissa & Frank [DIY Wedding: Mount Shasta]

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Marissa and Frank’s wedding was amazing and inspirational. I read so much these days about “Do It Yourself” weddings/crafts/everything and this was truly a DIY event. Although I suppose more accurate wording would be “Do It ALL Together” beacause really, it was an event with an outpour of help, hard work, and love from friends and family as well.

From what I gathered, here were the details:

Wedding Signs: Bride made, Groom put up – Chalk signage written up by little brother’s girlfriend
Venue: Parents of the Bride’s Backyard
Decor:  Mother of the Bride planted Tulips, Irises, and even flowers in the shape of a heart!
Florist: Bride’s Sister-in-law
Makeup: Bride’s little brother’s girlfriend
Food: Mother the Bride and family friends
5 Layer Wedding Cake: Bride Baked, Groom piped the icing
Wedding Favors: Home-made Jam (of course, they made it themselves!)
Ring Bearer Pillow: Bride hand-sewed at like age 6? Much to her mother’s dismay she had gotten into her mother’s sewing stuff and used an elaborate lace that her great-grandmother had hand stitched!
Officiant: Bride’s Brother
Beverages: Beer brewed by the father of the bride and family friend!