A Bag and A Tag

So my new blogosphere friend Sandy tagged me in chain and I thought it’d be fun… or embarassing, to partake. The idea is to give people a looksie at what you’re carrying around with you. At first I thought I’d take some stuff out, but, I might as well be honest. Brent complains that I’m always carrying stuff around and  I think it bothers him when I pack myself into the front seat of our car with a huge purse, a diaper bag, breastpump, and lunch sardined in around me. I figure I don’t need the extra leg room so it’s not a big deal. So, here’s a glimpse of what’s in my bag.



1. Nine West bag – courtesy of my siblings for Christmas. I’ve become a bit frugal when it comes to buying things for myself, so most of my luxury items are gifts… this Christmas they got me a Shootsac!  Honestly, how would I ever carry anything if it weren’t for my sibs.

2. Medela ”Pump In Style” breastpump – Not sure who in their right mind thinks there’s anything “stylish” about a breastpump, but ok. This is what I was embarrassed about, but hey, I’m a working mom who wants her baby to be breastfed. It is what it is. Those are the Lansinoh storage freezer bags on top of it. Luckily, I left the other pieces in my desk at work otherwise I would have felt compelled to include those too, but those are much more embarrassing.

3. Wallet - another gift from the sibs (came with the bag)

4. 2oz container of Terranova Tresses to Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream Shea Butter – courtesy of my mom. Really she sent it (and a big container of it) for Aya when she heard that what we thought was an allergic reaction to something was really dry skin. I stopped putting moisturizer on her when she had broken out in itchiness thus the dry skin. Now I’m lathering her up and I’m not completely convinced it’s a dry skin issue, but you know, it’s always fun to waste 2 hours of your life in a doctor’s office to hear your kid has dry skin.

5. iphone – Yes, it is an iphone. It’s an iphone inside a hard case, inside a soft case  known as an Otter Box. I think it looks like a storm trooper. Yes, it takes away from the thin sleek stylish design that has made the iphone so popular, but when you have kids, it’s worth the sacrifice. I was having a hard time taking the plunge to splurge on an iphone but once the screen to my old phone was completely broken and unreadable and I couldn’t call anyone unless I knew their number by heart, I decided it would be ok.

6. 5 small paper flowers, a hair clip and a penny – Cause you really never know when you’ll need 5 small paper flowers, a hair clip or a penny.

7. Splenda – I don’t even use Splenda.

8.  Post-it notes – These usually end up peeling off one by one and turning into paper trash in my purse since I shove everything else in.

9. Two Rainbow Reports - I get reports on how Amara was doing during the day at daycare. As a parent you appreciate knowing when and how much your baby sleeps, eats, poos, and pees.

10.  Two folders – One for our trip to Thailand this summer (shooting a wedding abroad! very excited!) and one for a “Pantell Project” in the works. Stay tuned for that…
11. Notepad – Carrying a notepad makes me feel more organized then I really am. Although now that I have my iphone I just take notes on that!

Things I forgot were in a pocket in my purse: three pens, UCLA employee ID, 3 USB drives, and a lonely pen cap.

and.. just to keep the blog tag going, here’s who I tagged. Hopefully these bloggers will give us some insight itno their lives through their bags! If you decide to partake, please come back and comment on this post so we can see what’s in the bag! I won’t be offended if you don’t do it, but will be happy if you do! I actually wasn’t going to post, but then started thinking about it and it was fun to evaluate what I have in my purse and why. I need to simplify!











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