Life & learning from a 3 year old

On a personal note, life can get rather hectic as a working mother of two who is attempting to delve deeper into a photography business while maintaining meals as a family, regular bath-times, some semblance of a sense of humor, sanity and more than 5 hours of sleep a night. Admittedly I can get so caught up on all the things I need to be doing and less of what I am actually doing.

This morning I got really down on myself for missing a day of my “One a Day” photos since this is my achievable goal when the rest of my life, at times, feels like one step forward and four steps back. To make up for it, I posted two photos in one day and decided to blog. I took photos of Aya on Sunday for my one a day but there were a few that I liked. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit and watch her play, run, laugh, examine the world. It’s at these times I feel the most peaceful and I feel like I can learn a lot from her. Aya is a light in my life. Appropriately, I caught her while the sun was coming down and streaming into the walkway of our apartment building.

So here is a blog post about learning from my three year old. Mind you, this is the same day we had the following conversation:

Maaama, whats your favorite princess?

[me] I really like Princess Tiana.

[her] um. Princess Tiana is pretty as a picture. BUT Briar Rose hangs with fairies.

*duh* obviously Briar Rose must be pretty dang cool if she keeps company with three fairies… here’s some other things I learned from Aya the other day.


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