Just for fun…

I’m contemplating switching over to shooting exclusively iphone photography. I joke, but I can see the appeal. Brent told me that there were people who were iphone photographers and I thought it was kind of a funny idea. But now I get it. it’s fun. it’s easy. it’s always in your pocket or purse.

Then Brent introduced me to Hipstamatic and, admittedly, I’m a little bit smitten. And just cause I’m feeling a little bit silly on a Friday, let me share the following with you.

Meet Doc and Bill. These two are survivors of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. They were two of the “friendly floatees” who made the treacherous journey up to Alaska and circled back to Japan after a storm in the Pacific back in 1992 washed them and some 30,000 others off a ship. Rather than stick around in the Garbage Patch the two friends banded together to escape and relocated in Japan where they returned to school. Doc, ironically, became a doctor and Bill anesthesiologist. The two worked happily as best friends in the same hospital until a sassy and beautiful EMT came between them.  To Doc’s dismay, Bill and the EMT fell in love. Doc attempted to break the two apart by appealing to Bill’s loyalty to their friendship. He quacked about this and quacked about that and quacked about how Bill had betrayed their friendship. In the end Bill was not convinced he had done anything wrong. He and the EMT went on to travel the world together and…well… Doc was left lonely.

The moral of the story?

Perhaps Doc should have used more “I-messages” and Bill would not have felt so defensive.  


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