The Making Of . . . Yamasong, part II

You may remember my post about Sam Koji Hale and On Ensemble making the most epic music video/puppet short film ever. I’ve been able to take some photos here and there along the way and this was actually the fourth time I’ve been over to visit Sam at the Chiodo Bros. studio. Every time I go, I’m even more blown away by this project. Last time I went in, they were starting filming and it was fun to see the puppeteers working in all green suits bringing life to the puppets. We also go to see a test clip of what this is all going to look like and, I kid you not, I got chills!

This last time , all the On Ensemble members were able to make it in and it was fun taking some shots of them and their boulder counterparts. Again, I have to reiterate how inspiring it is to see this project and its process. Sam (and the whole crew working on this) and On Ensemble are so amazingly talented it’s difficult not to be blinded by their creativity and left feeling totally and utterly mediocre. However, they are such great and warm hearted guys that it really just leaves you feeling. . . inspired.



The detail on the characters is AMAZING!!! I know I’m overusing this word but I don’t know what else to say!

And of course… here are the On Ensemble members in all their boulder glory!

Shoji . . .


Kris. . .


Maz . . .


Kelvin. . .


On Ensemble ROCKS! sorry I couldn’t help my cheesy self!




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