Laurie, Fred, Samantha, Frank, and Nicole: Family

I’ve been so bad about updating my blog since I’ve been preoccupied with the baby coming. But now it’s two days overdue and I haven’t had to go to work, so there’s really no excuse! Just wanted to give a quick update with my last family session before I take a couple week hiatus (from shooting, not blogging).

Laurie asked me to take some photos for her family before her oldest headed back up north for school. I had a great time with this family as they are very easy going, funny and photogenic!  I had so many favorites but here are just a few…


I am also from a family of three kids (two girls and one boy) and there was something about this one that I just LOVED. Maybe it’s because Frank is pretending to be annoyed, but you can tell he loves his sisters!



The pyramid was totally their idea, how can you not love a family like that?! And it’s no wonder these kids are so good looking, look at this great looking couple!


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