I feel like there are photos that a person falls in love with because it captures something in them that they want to remember or because it creates a physiological response somewhere in the heart. There are specific photos from my childhood that I feel this way about. Sometimes I wonder if Aya will have an attachment to photos in the same way as I do. Perhaps this is a bigger generational question that will answer itself in the years to come. In this digital age, will photos have the same seemingly precious effect as they once did? 

So here’s what I’ve been thinking… there is something so raw and awesome about old grainy photos from my childhood. I love to look through the albums and the old snapshots and see the scrawl of the year on the back. I can think of specific photos that I love and they come to mind so quickly and always make me smile. I wonder if it is partially because there is not a huge amount of photos so it’s easier to remember the ones that stand out. Will Aya enjoy scrolling through folders where we have organized her childhood that has been captured meticulously by our digital camera? Will it be more meaningful to her because she’ll know the exact moment (day, time, hour, second) that the photo was taken? Will she be able to remember specific photos that we took or are will there just be too many files for her to really sort through it all?  In just two folders titled “Aya 2008″ and “Aya 2009″ there are a total of 1049 files. This is just the stuff that has been organized into these folders. It’s the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of the digital photos files we have of her.

I’ve been thinking about this lately and have resolved to print more photos. Frame more photos. Make albums…even scrapbook. I may even pick up an old school film camera just for kicks and giggles. As tech savvy as I believe my daughter will be, I want her to have some tangible evidence of these moments that we cherished so much. 

I got to thinking about this topic because this weekend my parents came down to visit. We had a great time together and went to Taiko Jam 2009. I took a few photos over the weekend and I believe I captured a couple in particular that I think Aya will love for years and years to come..and well.. quite honestly, if she doesn’t, I will. I’d love to hear what you all think about this stuff. Is there still an important place in the home for prints? or will digital files suffice? or is it all about balancing the two?



Have you heard of Turducken? It’s a turkey stuffed with a duck that is stuffed with a chicken. I’ve never had it, but the photo on the right is Turducken inspired… except it’s a baby, on a baby, on an even bigger baby. :)  


Aya and Grandpa.. it’s no wonder she thinks her nickname is “sack of potatoes” 






These next two are just to show you what an artist Aya is.. these are pictures she drew of daddy…





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