Oceanside [Newborn Session]

Baby Rowen is a very lucky girl. She has the good fortune to have amazing parents who I am fortunate to call my friends. I’ve looked up to Ayrielle ever since we were in Junior High algebra together. She has always been a constant in my life regardless of distance between us and distance between phone calls. She is a friend I do not have to talk to every day to still feel close to and be able to confide everything in. I’ve been a better person for knowing her and can only imagine the amazing little girl she will raise. It doesn’t hurt that she has found an amazing partner and husband, Demian. Demian is such a warm and open person; the type of guy who will walk into a room of people he doesn’t know, in a language that is not his first, and delve right into a game of serious game of Taboo :)

I was over the moon when Ayrielle told me they were expecting so when the time came, I couldn’t bear the thought of NOT meeting Rowen right away. The first chance I had, I drove down to Oceanside for a few hours to meet her and document her tininess. I adore this family beyond words. Simple. As. That.

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    Liberia Prevention Ebola birth “plague village” villagers face a choice

    August 19, according to foreign media reports on the 18th, for the control of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia for a serious epidemic in remote villages in isolation, which spawned similar medieval Europe “Plague Village” isolated situation.

    Due to shortage of food and medical supplies, many villagers are isolated areas face “is left in place, could face death”; choice “or secretly circumvent the isolation measures, may make further spread of the epidemic,” the.

    In northern Liberia, 30-year-old Joseph infected with the Ebola virus in this wave, and tenaciously survived. He said the family, there are nine people have died of Ebola virus, he is now to feed 10 children under five, but also to help five widows within the family, feeling powerless.

    His neighbors worried about contracting the Ebola virus, did not want to talk to him, he also accused the virus to the village.

    The wave Joseph said: “I am very lonely nobody wants to talk to me, people are far away from me..” He said, the children did not get food or medical assistance, did not get help from government officials.

    Staff charitable institutions in the region, said: “if it is not adequate medical support, food and water, these people will try to find their own food, which could lead to the further spread of the virus.”

    Ebola air jordan pas cher outbreak has resulted in at least four countries in West Africa 1145 people were killed. World Health Organization and Liberian officials warned that it is difficult for medical personnel to enter the remote village deep in the jungle, tn pas cher the number of actual death toll could be much higher than the notification.

    “White Shield”

    Liberian officials said, to deal with the country’s Ebola outbreak, control of the situation is critical.

    Faced with the threat of the epidemic, the country’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced the country’s implementation of emergency measures, including quarantine and community health settings “quarantine blockade”, referring to the epidemic cordon set up roadblocks to prevent the epidemic from spreading to cities, medieval Europe, the outbreak “black Dead disease “had widespread adoption of this means.

    Liberia dispatched troops launched the “White Shield” operation, the deployment of military control and isolate the epidemic-hit areas. In this country, the majority of infected individuals not yet under control, some cases are due to hospital overcrowding nowhere to seek treatment, and moncler uomo some patients to the hospital because of the situation is regarded as “death traps” shunned.

    Local time on the 16th, a group of people attacked the capital, Monrovia, a temporary Ebola isolation center, the crowd threw stones and stole equipment and food products. According to a medical officer, said the attackers also take away from the center of the patient.

    Humanitarian aid organizations responsible for Britain Noyes said: “There is a concern that those who may be in an isolated area which police officers to rely on hogan sito ufficiale himself willing to go to those places in these areas may be reduced to ‘plague village’?.”

    The United Nations children’s Foundation staff Scott describing the jungle town in northern Liberia, said: “Just as the war took place, a desolate here.” This town has 2,000 inhabitants, most of whom either died from Ebola virus or fled.

    He said that, here, the old people sitting on the doorstep, stare at the empty streets populated, only a few sheep walked up and down the street, there are a few skinny chickens. Ebola virus is like a guerrilla-like, sweeping this country.

    International health emergencies

    Liberia is one of the least developed countries in the world, the development of telecommunications and the Internet are very backward country more than four million people, only about 50 doctors. According to the country’s traditional funeral ceremony, the family will give the dead relatives bathing, changing clothes, and the remains of those infected with Ebola is highly contagious, which exacerbated the spread of the epidemic. The country has 15 states, there are nine states found that the epidemic.

    World Health Organization aware of the severe outbreak in West Africa, has announced the Ebola outbreak for international health air max femme emergencies. The organization was founded 66 years ago, this is the third declared “International health emergencies.”

    The multi-regional medical center in Liberia overcrowding. Some medical centers have been only a 40-bed capacity, now crammed into 137 patients. Training local medical staff hopes to set up isolation point in residence schools and churches.

    Nottingham Trent University specializing in infectious disease emergency health policy Dingwall said: “The implementation of isolation, would make a healthy person at risk, so in support of preventive measures to minimize the above risks, the Government’s efficiency is very important.”

    He said that such measures can be taken, including preventive education, funeral facilities and protective equipment.

    Liberian Ministry of Health reported that too many new patients, major medical centers overwhelmed. Ebola Liberia has launched campaigns to encourage people to report the disease after infection. Located nike air max in remote areas, but in special circumstances, where isolated, do not see posted posters infected person still tend to conceal the truth.

    Supply crisis

    Liberian Information Minister Gordon Brown said the current outbreak in the affected areas in eastern unaffected people on quarantine measures welcomed, but if the material supply shortage began, people’s attitudes may change dramatically.

    “Quarantine” isolated word means “40 days.” 14th century, when the provisions of foreign ships arriving in Venice, Italy port, moored 40 days must be detained in order to check whether the persons on board to bring infectious diseases, and thereafter by the examination without the patient’s permission landing, so that the “40 days” became quarantine synonymous. But Liberia’s isolation measures may be implemented for three months or longer, and therefore need to make long-term plans.

    Long-term isolation measures will make people feel isolated isolation, is treated as a sinner, in addition to national supplies may also lead woolrich outlet to a crisis. Residents said the fuel and rice prices have doubled.

    WFP intends to distribute food to the population of isolated areas, but no plans to provide assistance to affected areas unaffected epidemic.


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    August 14, according to the UN website reported that the United Nations Coordinator for South Sudan Lan Zeer hogan scarpe outlet (Toby Lanzer) 8 13 at the junction by UN Radio reporter pointed out that South Sudan’s humanitarian situation is still grim, currently facing the rainy air jordan season, many areas were flooded, humanitarian aid can not reach the affected communities, nike tn air with violence continuing, the humanitarian situation becomes more serious, gucci borse outlet especially violent attacks against humanitarian staff continued.

    There are six celebrities Road staff have been killed in 48 hours in Bangui and horse classes, but humanitarian agencies will continue to provide life-saving assistance to the people. He called on the Government to bring the situation under control, so that assistance can be safely launched.

    Lan Zeer pointed out that he had told the local government must be condemned and the perpetrators brought to justice for the attack. If the situation can make humanitarian agencies to continue to carry out aid work, the United Nations will continue to provide assistance to the population. There are 127,000 people rely on the United Nations and its partners to provide life-saving assistance.

    UN OCHA on the 13th that the humanitarian agencies to send a positive rapid air max pas cher response team in South Sudan, Nile State Long hook up book g County (Longochuk County) to provide food, health and other emergency assistance, the region appeared extraordinary level gucci borse malnutrition.

    At the same time, the U.S. government to the World Food Programme provided $ 180 million in aid for the department to provide the necessary assistance to the public transport costs, so that food can arrive people in remote areas. Because of poor louboutin homme roads, WFP must use costly airdrops way to hard to reach areas of public life-saving food.


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    August 6, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 6th, the war in Gaza continued to spread, the United States condemned Israel’s behavior “shameful,” while U.S. Secretary of State Warren’s mediation efforts have been questioned in Israel. Despite the US-Israeli relations appears to have cracks, but analysts believe that hogan outlet the Obama administration is still helpless against Israel.

    Reported that the U.S. State Department condemned the recent Israeli bombing of a UN school in Gaza, on the Israeli side of the “shameful” act shocked, this is actually the United States to Israel accumulated discontent gucci borse erupted more scarpe hogan than a week.

    A few weeks ago, Israeli officials told Kerry to promote efforts to make Bada attack caused by a ceasefire that his proposal favoring Hamas, can not guarantee the security of Israel. Tim oil on the fire, the media then reported that Israel had the good offices of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks when Kerry, tapping his phone.

    An anonymous U.S. officials, said he could not nike air max understand the reason Kerry treat Israel, if they are to put pressure on nike air max outlet the United States, the purpose scarpe hogan behind this is difficult to understand.

    Former United States Ambassador to Israel Chur making out that this is to fall into the hostile relations between the United States and the longest-time, as long as the leaders of the two countries did not change, he could not see how the US-Israeli relations to be restored.

    Currently, domestic public opinion in Israel and the United States supported Israel’s actions to combat Hamas, Israel’s Arab neighbors did not protest their acts, the U.S. Congress unanimously standing Israeli side.

    This means that, even if the Obama administration on Israel dissatisfaction, nor any chips can be forced to stop shelling Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Netanyahu insisted that Israel destroyed Hamas attacks against Israel before all the authentic used, the Israeli army will not end military operations in Gaza.

    One American officials believe that the State Department had issued stern statement will allow Israel to show restraint. However, Netanyahu does not seem to shake the plan.

    Since the ceasefire broken back, Netanyahu has denounced the United States Ambassador to Israel, to the United States “not to second-guess him,” or instructed him how to deal with Hamas.

    Despite the large number of civilian casualties caused by Israeli dissatisfied, but the United nike air max outlet States still supports Israel to protect their rights and recognition of Israel’s position that Hamas is a terrorist organization. It is reported that the dispute between the United States and Israel seems to be just equal to the discord among family members.

    The White House also seems intent on soothing to both the United States and the recent strained relationship. Ernest White House press secretary, said the relationship between the United States and Israel remain strong, remain unchanged.

    He said Netanyahu had spoken against the US-Israeli relations, said he was “that the United States is very good.”

    Analysts pointed out that the relationship between the United States and in fact been in accordance with the development of a cyclic manner, that is, after vent dissatisfaction with each other, trying to calm soothing tensions between the two sides, and then reluctantly admitted that the relationship between the United States and its closest ally in the Middle East will not have changed much.


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