My ¬†mother always made my birthday cakes. Then one year I BEGGED her for a store bought cake. For some reason I thought perfectly placed lattice frosting over bright artificial strawberry goo would taste better then the baked-from-scratch yogurt cake my mom usually made. As a mother, I now realize the sting this probably caused my mom as she so lovingly made birthday cakes from scratch. But I insisted. I remember looking at this beautiful cake and being elated as it got served at my birthday party. I ate it and it gave me a stomach ache. I don’t remember ever asking for a store bought cake again.

I’m guessing some day my daughters will beg me for a home-made cake from scratch. I did however hand make a goofy little bib so I’ll remember she was turning two and bought a tube of frosting to put her name on a blank mini sheet cake.

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