Izumi: Birth Day!

I’m not even sure how to write this post. Where to even begin. I’ve been busy (hence the blog hiatus). I recently quit my job the library and four weeks ago my brother and and sister-in-law brought baby Izumi into all of our lives. I am beyond words. This was their 5th pregnancy and the first to result in a live birth. Needless to say it’s been a long few years and the joy and relief of Izumi’s birth brought forth so much emotion. I didn’t realize the amount of anxiety that had built up within me over the past few years.  I suppose that is partially because I know the the grief I’ve felt as an auntie and sibling couldn’t compare with what they had been going through as parents. When Shoji texted us from labor and delivery that “Izumi is here!”, the flood gates opened. The anxiety, happiness, hope, stress, elation, and relief came in the form of uncontrollable tears. I thought I was just excited to see Izumi, but I realized that I was just happy to hear that she was here … safe and sound … with mommy and daddy. It didn’t even matter that we had to wait another hour to actually get to visit. Those three words “Izumi is here” were enough to make the clouds break.

To me, my big brother and his beautiful wife are synonymous with strength. love. support. amazingness (which I don’t think is  real word, but how else do I describe them?!). Even when we were young, my older brother was inspirational to me. He was so nerdy he made it cool. He has always followed his passion and I admire his ability to set goals and work hard to make them happen. Not only did he teach me how to play Nintendo, all the words to Beastie Boy’s “Pass the Mic”,  but he has also taught me a tremendous amount about perseverance and  hope.

I wanted to be sure to catch a few photos of Izumi’s birth-day because my favorite photos of the girls are from the days they were born! It might be weird, but I day dreamed about Izumi finding these photos some 40 years from now and being able to know exactly where she was born and all the joy this day brought us. If my niece likes me even 10% of how much I already love her, then I’m already one lucky Auntie!!

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