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Jessica was the first person I traded services with last year for Brent’s birthday. She was kind enough to take my off the wall ideas and put them into a cake. I wanted something unique to Brent. I had it in my head that it should have to do with CS5 and it would be clever to spell his name out so they looked like the icons from CS5. etc. etc. and it had to be lime cake, cause when I asked him what his favorite cake was he said “key lime pie.” ¬†Right. Key lime PIE! Don’t even get me started. I also wanted it to incorporate berries or fruit because Brent loves fruit. Somehow Jessica took all this and actually morphed it into the best cake ever. Lime green cake with blueberry cream filling. It was sooooooo delicious!

Before the holidays, we finally coordinated our schedules and I got to meet the men in Jessica’s life. These boys were so fun and such cuties. They are both around Aya and Amara’s ages, so it was fun to see the boy version of my own girls :)

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