Demi & Mina

Meet Demi & Mina,

I was floored at how much personality both of these girls have. To add to it, they are twin sisters! I love that they each have their own personalities but they share a love of laughter and a good game of red light, green light. They even taught me about purple light, gold light, orange light… for each one you do something like ‘go crazy’ or ‘jump’ or ‘dance’. I had the pleasure of meeting their mother when I proposed a barter of services for Brent’s birthday. I am on a social network called Citymommy and posted that I was looking for someone to do a custom cake, but then got offered catering services. I thought it was a great idea and am so happy I took the chance and met Monique. She provided us with an amazing meal for Brent’s birthday and I provided photos of her darling girls. I don’t know if it was a fair trade though since it was actually more fun than work spending time with these two. We ran around their backyard and played for about an hour. I thought it’d be fun to use this post to talk about interacting with kids again.

Note to photographers/parents/anyone trying to take a 4 year old’s photo:
Brush up on your games. While 2-3 year olds love a good song, older kiddos love to play games. Lately I’ve been doing most of my kid sessions with the 50mm and Shootsac on hip. This allows me to move around faster and run to play tag if need be! Here are some suggestions for games to play when taking photos…

  • Red Light-Green Light start the kiddo(s) across the way. You have your back to them and say ‘green light’ and their goal is to run up and tag you. They have to stop and freeze when you turn around and shout ‘red light.’ Now red light is your opportunity. SNAP SNAP SNAP a way and hopefully you get some fun ones of them laughing. I’m particularly keen on “yellow” light and so they have to move in slow motion. :) you get fun ones like this first one… And if you need to get a photos of two kids/siblings together, tell them there’s a teamwork challenge where they have to hold hands and work together to get to the end!
  • Freeze Tag you all should know how to play freeze tag! How else do you get  an energetic kid to slow down a moment?!

  • Upside down photos Ask them if they want to take an ‘upside  down’ photo. This is enough to intrigue them for a moment, at least long enough to get a shot of them “upside down.” Of course you’ll have to show them on your LCD screen what they look like upside down! These next four are ‘upside down’ photos!

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