[Do It Yourself] Dot Chenille Baby Blanket

Last winter I was feeling crafty. A friend of ours gave us a gorgeous brown and pink blanket for Amara. When I went to go buy baby gifts for a few of my expecting friends, and saw these blankets retail for like $52, I thought … I can make that! Granted I haven’t sewn anything for the past twenty years, but I talked my mom into helping me while I was visiting up north. We ended up making blankets out of this super soft dot chenille material (bought from JoAnns).

I probably spent about $90 in fabric (but I have some left over) and made 4 blankets. So I figured I saved myself about $118. I’m sure this blanket would be awesome with a lot of different materials and could be a lot less expensive.  It took me a couple days to finish all four, but it was actually a lot of fun. One I made for my three year old so she would have a special “car blanket” for when we’re driving places and she loves it. Anyways, I’ve been  meaning to share this project so here it finally is. I made two pink/green and two brown/green. I’m thinking of making another batch soon, I’m thinking brown and blue this time around! Below are my instructions, fair warning they’re a little rough. But I just kind of winged it, so I think it’s totally doable!

The blanket ends up being 42″ x 32 ”

I cut pieces to account for about an inch on each side for seems.

piece a = 44’’x 6’’
piece b =44’’x 6’’

piece c = 26’’x 6’’
piece d =26’’x 6’’

piece e = 36’’ x 26’’

piece f = 44’’ x 34’’

Basically, I think I sewed front together first by first sewing “C” to one side of “E” and “D” to the other side of “E”, then sewed “A” along the CED and then “B” to the other side of CED.

Then sew “F” and the ABCDE piece together with the top facing in and leaving about a two inch hole somewhere along one of the short sides. You want the material facing in and then pull it through the hole to have the outside material facing out and the seems and unsightly stuff on the inside. Then by hand sew the two inch hole together. Then I sewed the a boarder around the 34’’ by 24’’ square in the middle which keeps the material in place.


When cutting the pieces, I tried to keep the straight sides of the material so that I could use those to line up with the other pieces. This helped when lining up the CED piece with the A and B pieces.

When sewing “F” to ABCDE, sew along one side, and then sew along its parallel side, and then repeat with the shorter sides. This helped keep the material from getting off too much and becoming uneven. Similarly when sewing the pieces together at the end, I sewed along the long side and its parallel and then the short sides.

I folded the blanket up and tied a thick pretty corresponding color ribbon to give as a gift.

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