An Apron To Get Crafty In

I think my mom wanted an excuse to get a new sewing machine. That’s fine by me because that means she brought me her old one last time my parents came down to LA.

Here’s my first project. Originally I wanted to organize a ’step-by-step’ photo tutorial on how I made this apron, but I realized I didn’t really know how I was going to make it. I just knew I wanted to make an apron for Aya cause she loves to paint and I hate for her to ruin her clothes. But since I made this apron by hand, I’m not sure if I can stand to see her get paint all over it! Just kidding, kind of.

So instead you get a hodge podge photo stream of what I did. I may make sense, it may not, but this is what the chaos that is my life yielded.  So take it or leave it. BUT please, at least scroll down to the last photos of the final product! I think think they’re pretty great, but hey, I’m biased and had a pretty cute model. Please let me know what you think!

I started with a “pattern” that I cut out of a sheet The top piece is about 6 inches wide so it would cover Aya’s whole front. I’m sure that’s where the majority of paint/dough/paste will go.

Found two types of material. A fun pattern for the front and hot pink for the back. I used the pattern to cut the pieces from the two materials.

Brent suggested I added a pleat. I told him I didn’t know how. So I called my mom and she said to just pinch the fabric up, pin it, and sew it. I said ok. I involved the iron cause that felt right.

I did it on the material for the backside to, because that way it would line up with each other since I already cut the fabric.

then I realized I wanted the pleats to go inward so I re-did the front side. (I pinched the material from the back side instead).

Then I pinned the two pieces for each side together

And then those two pieces together (inside out)

Left some space unsewn (is that even a word?) so that I could flip it inside out when I was done sewing the front and back together

I wasn’t sure how to add on something so she could tie it around her waist. What I came up with was to cut out a long 4” thick strip of pink material, sew it together and turned it inside out. Then I sewed that piece along the sides to create a border over the top and the ties on the side. I added some ruffles by pinching the material as I sewed.

Then I cut out another 4” thick strip and sewed it together, turned it inside out and sewed it to the top of the apron on one side. Since I made the apron so big, I wanted to add a button. This made it adjustable. It actually fits me but the smaller neck will make it fit better for Aya.

LASTLY I got a really cute model and bribed her with kiwi gummy candy that Brent picked up  at the Japanese market.

Once she found out there was candy involved. She hammed it up.

I couldn’t figure out how to sew the button holes in on the machine, so I decided to do them by hand. I just used embroidery thread (two strands) and a blanket stitch (I think that’s what it’s called). I think I liked  how they turned out!

I told Aya I wanted to take a picture of the button and so she decided it needed to be pointed at. What an amazing model :)

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