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Harmony: Bridal Shower

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

To me, “Harmony” is my childhood, a safe place where I know I’m understood and always supported. Harmony is one of my dearest, truest, most epic friends. I’ve known her 96% of my life. Who else would understand (besides my own siblings) being children of free-spirited “hippy” parents in a small town, years of playing Taiko in front of less-than-open-minded peers and having “weird” names, exploring adventures on fairy hill, the beauty and novelty of ice-cream in a box, MSHS and cheerleading, attending southern California beach UCs and finding ourselves in a city we never imagined?

I’ve known Harmony since before I can remember her. First we lived in a coop type place dubbed “inner-harmony” (that I don’t even remember), then two streets away from eachother. Me on Smith St. and her on Sheldon. Then across the street from each other for most of our lives, and now less than two miles apart on the same street in LA. All of this coincidental. How could we not be friends?

Harmony is getting married! I’m so excited for her and her awesome fiancée Ryan. This past weekend was her Bridal shower and I took some photos. The “Mamas” put on quite a bridal shower for Harmony. It was so fun and so beautiful!

A few things about why Harmony is a badass bride:

  1. She is so easy going. She picked out awesome bridesmaid dresses, which I may actually wear again (no joke)
  2. She was born in a TeePee
  3. She is such as awesome girl that she has three moms, one in-coming mother-in-love (which is what my mom-in-law likes to say), and four sisters (who says blood is thicker than water?) who adore her.
  4. She registered for a Compost Pail! This is green on a whole other level that people don’t realize.
  5. She knows how to rock a 400 karat napkin ring

Thank you Harmony for being such a great friend for so many years. I love you.
The happy bride & her compost pail…

Rockin the napkin ring…

The Mamas did a great job!

What would make a girl feel more glam then a long pair of silky satin gloves? A fun party favor for the super classy

For those who are unaware… a napkin ring holder is multifunctional.

Luggage tags also function as decoration for gifts!

A closer look… how cute are these?!

I thought this gift was so great!

Super cute card holder (cards got a hole punched in them and the gift that was accompanied was written on the back, talk about easy organizing for thank you cards!)