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On Ensemble: Los Angeles: Promo

Friday, November 21st, 2008

I had the opportunity to photograph On Ensemble earlier this month. Their talent and ability to be constantly creating new and extraordinary music still amazes me. I may be biased since I’ve known two of these guys my whole life, but even those who haven’t would probably agree. They had their annual home concert, Yobu, this was Aya’s first full length concert and she did great. I suppose it helps that we’ve been playing On Ensemble on an iPod dock in Aya’s room for the past few months. Their album “Dust and Sand” seems to be a particular favorite.

I was relieved that I wound up a few pictures I liked even though it seemed like the elements were against us. It was the middle of a the-world-must-be-coming-to-an-end-cause-its-so-fricken-hot-in-November day, the wind was blowing a bit and to top it off, I figured out later that my camera was embarrassingly dirty. I did get to try out a couple lenses I rented and now I’m excited to get some new gear *hopefully* soon!

I’ll leave you with this lonely little colorful leaf on the streets of downtown L.A.