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Ramona & Justin [Ramsey's at the Club Wedding]

January 17th, 2013

I love when couples laugh together. Not just laughs because most people with any slight amount of humor can appreciate a witty joke or obvious punchline…. no, I mean a laugh that one person brings out of another person that is spontaneous and down right uncontrollable. I am not an expert in marriage. Not by a long shot. Personally I know life is full of such up and downs that finding someone you can laugh with to navigate it all makes the journey, undoubtedly, a better one.

The time I’ve spent with Ramona and Justin makes me think they’re fortunate to have this type of laughter in their lives. It’s not just because Justin is ridiculously witty and hilarious but he seems to know how to make Romona laugh and also takes pride in it. They are so natural and fun together it is no wonder their wedding was such a beautiful day filled with both emotional tears and heartfelt laughter.

Ramsey’s at the Club in Toluca Lake was a great venue and Betty Lang of Vanda Events did such a great job coordinating everything.

Oceanside [Newborn Session]

September 27th, 2012

Baby Rowen is a very lucky girl. She has the good fortune to have amazing parents who I am fortunate to call my friends. I’ve looked up to Ayrielle ever since we were in Junior High algebra together. She has always been a constant in my life regardless of distance between us and distance between phone calls. She is a friend I do not have to talk to every day to still feel close to and be able to confide everything in. I’ve been a better person for knowing her and can only imagine the amazing little girl she will raise. It doesn’t hurt that she has found an amazing partner and husband, Demian. Demian is such a warm and open person; the type of guy who will walk into a room of people he doesn’t know, in a language that is not his first, and delve right into a game of serious game of Taboo :)

I was over the moon when Ayrielle told me they were expecting so when the time came, I couldn’t bear the thought of NOT meeting Rowen right away. The first chance I had, I drove down to Oceanside for a few hours to meet her and document her tininess. I adore this family beyond words. Simple. As. That.

Megan & Harrison [Wente Vineyards, Livermore CA]

July 27th, 2012

Happy almost 1 year anniversary to Megan & Harrison! Even though this wedding was a year ago, I can still hear Megan’s laugh and feel the warm welcome from both Megan and Harrison’s wonderful families. Often weddings are more than just the marriage of two people, but really the union of two families and that is what I remember most about this day. That and the blue velvet cake… because really, what self respecting Cal fan would serve red velvet at his wedding? I’m sure it was an easy decision to make for both bride and groom since Gauchos are also partial to blue and gold  :)

Megan & Harrison,

Thank you for having me be a part of such a special day. I hope this past year has been nothing but a honeymoon!